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    Transparency Gate

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    Start the due diligence assessment in your own transparency portal.


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    Information Requirement

    Recieve and respond to requests for information has never been easier.

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    Developed for compliance

    New portal for Transparency Assessments

    Transparency Gate is delivered by Digitaliq AS and the people behind the notification portal, Our customer base consists of forward-thinking organizations that want to be in the driver’s seat regarding due diligence, human rights and working conditions.

    Our new transparency portal has been set up in accordance with the Transparency Act, the Working Environment Act, GDPR, and has followed the Consumer Protection Authority and the OECD’s guidelines for transparency assessments.

    Why Transparency Gate?

    Transparency Gate is set up in accordance with the Transparency Act and OECD’s guidelines to help organizations with due diligence, human rights and working conditions.


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    The Transparency Act

    You can read all about the Transparency Act here.

    The Norwegian Transparency Act went into force the 1th of July, 2022.

    Nearly all organizations, private and public, are affected by the law, either directly or through their supply-chain and business partners.

    Yes, as long as a company in your supply chain is based in Norway and comply with the Transparency Act.

    The information requirement gives the public the right to access information about how your organization handles actual and potensial consequences for basic human rights and decent working enviorement. The law states that when an information inquiery has been sent, you have 3 weeks to reply Our system complies with that obligation too.

    Due Diligence

    You can read all about mandatory Due Diligence Assessment’s here.

    The Transparency Act supports OECD’s guidelines for Due Diligence Assessments with regards to basic human rights and decent working conditions.

    The Mandatory Due Diligence report must according to the Transparency Act and the Consumer Protection Authority be published by 30th of June each year, starting in 2023.

    Yes, you should report about assessments regarding your entire supplychain. That said, you don’t have to share their entire report, but wether you have implemented control measures, why and how your organization handles the risks.


    You can read all about compliance with Transparency gate here.

    Transparency Gate is a software developed to handle The Transparency Act for organizations that are obligated to comply.

    Since the Act is based on OECD Guidelines, the software is created to help companies with their Due Diligence Assessments with a risk-based approach. Other related legislation is the Working Enviorement Act and the Accounting Act, whom also provides guidance on corporate transparency.

    Transparency Gate also supports the guiding principles for business and human rights (UNGP), the Consumer Protection Authority, and refer to the UN Universal Declaration, the Transparency Act and the core conventions of the International Labor Organization, ILO. Processing of WCAG 2.1 is also a key component so our digital portal also follow best practice for universal design.

    Both the Transparency Act and OECD guidelines states that organizations should implement systems to control actual and potential consequences for basic human rights and the working enviorement, so a great place to start is getting your own Transparency Gate portal.

    Transparency Gate

    You can read all about our Software for the Transparency Act here.

    Yes, Transparency Gate portals are developed with WCAG 2.1 AA-standards.

    The software follows best practices for IT-Security. For more information contact us at

    Your Due Diligence assessments starts in the board room and continues with procedures you establish, which should include your supply chain. You can prompt suppliers to deliver their assessments through your portal at Transparency gate, and include it in your risk assessment, also a tool within the software.

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