The Lobbyregister

How it works

1. Set up a meeting

Create a meeting and invite participants / decition makers. Intuitive, easy-to-use on all devices.

2. Acceptance

Participants accept the meeting and terms of service (GDPR and sharing of information in the Lobby Register).

3. Lobbyregister

The public can now send inquieries about activities in the register. 

Information about the Lobbyregister

More information about lobbyregister and transparency register can be found on here. You can book a presentation with us here.


Transparency Gate is a digital platform for transparent organisations.

    • Reduce risk of corruption and power abuse
    • Easy-to-use, register and log meetings
    • Recieve and share information with the public safely

We aim to be a global leading platform for corporate transparency and invite all forth-thinking organisations to contact us to set up your transparency portal.

Availability in the Portal

Everyone should have equal opportunity to use Transparency Gate. Our platform is available and readable on all devices through the internet. Visitors that seek information from your organisation can safely send in their inquiery which your organisation then can respond to.

  • Transparency Gate is possibly the world’s best tool to date for compliance with transparency legislation.
  • We follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) in all our systems and websites.

Functions and Security

Our system is set up for compliance with transparency legislation, is user friendly and follows the guidelines for Universal Design. Here are the core functionalities:


  • Register, set-up meetings, invite and log activities in a safe manner.


  • The system is easy to use and comes with several reporting options.

Encryption and Security

  • All end-to-end communications are encrypted according to industry standards and best practices. All information is available via the internet and stored securely in our cloud solution.

Statistics and reporting

  • Easy to retrieve statistics and reports! Create, print or save diagrams with statistics about your company’s transparency to present to leadership, board and or public that request it.


  • Customers, consumers, suppliers, business partners and the general public can safely aquire information about how companies handle consequences for the enviorement, human rights and decent working conditions.


  • Achieve your sustainability goals and reduce risk by using Transparency Gate. The new global standard for corporate transparency is not only made with international companies interests at heart, but in the general publics interest.

Risk Assessment

  • Gain full overview of the risk elements across affiliated suppliers. Easy to prioritize, implement and follow-up on control measures.


  • Compliance with the Norwegian Transparency Act, the Working Environment Act, EU’s Transparency Pledge / Directives, GDPR, and has followed the Consumer Protection Authority and the OECD’s guidelines for transparency assessments.


Digital Portal for handling Lobbyregistration

We invite all forward-thinking organisations that is interested in our portal to get in touch.

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You can learn more about the Transparency Act here.