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  • The public can easily request information.
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  • Compliance with the Transparency Act, OECD and international laws.

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    How it works

    After you`ve gained access to your own transparency portal, the first step is to register your suppliers. The system fills in information automatically from public registers. Click here to access a free trial portal!

    You can use existing due diligence criteria from the OECD, as well as your own ethical guidelines that must be complied with the Transparency Act in your supply chain.

    Transparency Gate testportal skjermbilder aktsomhetsvurdering

    Suppliers and subcontractors fill in their answers and you get a good overview of the supply chain’s attention to human rights.

    Now you have the basis for both the report and risk mapping (the risk module comes with all portals) .

    Transparency Gate testportal skjermbilder leverandøroversikt-01

    Respond to all incoming information requests / inquiries from the public. Requests for information can be sent both anonymously and with a name. (The case management module has been tested and proven easy to handle.)

    Transparency Gate testportal skjermbilder informasjonskrav-01

    You get a dashboard adapted to your wishes. You can insert modules for key figures, statistics and diagrams.

    On this screen shot, for example, you can see the entire supply chain illustrated in a world map. Click here to watch it live!

    Transparency Gate testportal skjermbilder statistikk

    Here you can read more about the Transparency Act and what the new Act means for your organisation.

    If you want to learn how to prepare for the annual public due diligence statement see this article.

    Software designed for the Transparency Act

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    Gain full control with the Transparency Act

    The admin dashboard gives you full control of the company’s compliance with the Transparency Act. 

    Unfamiliar with the Transparency Act?

    Transparency Gate admin dashboard

    Supplier Overview

    You get a good overview of the suppliers, due diligence assessments, risks and other information you want. You can map risks, appoint someone responsible for and follow up control measures.

    Transparency Gate-Portal-Leverandøroversikt

    Respond to Information Requests

    According to the Transparency Act, every business must respond to requests for information from the public within 3 weeks. We`ve developed an intuitive solution that makes this easy and safe for both your organization and the public.

    Transparency Gate-Portal-Leverandøroversikt
    Transparency Gate: Forespør informasjon om aktsomhet
    Transparency Gate forside dashboard oversikt over land og risiko

    Statistics and Reporting

    Retrieve statistics for due diligence development, risk or select data points freely. You can retrieve statistics on the number of information requests and which information is requested.